Sunday, March 9, 2014

New beginnings...

I am starting this blog to complain educate about the pros and cons of technology in todays fast pace corporate driven American culture.  I find that most do not appreciate the simple things in life such as a fresh cup of coffee, watching a sun rise or a walk through the park.  I do none of these things because I don't want to conform to the sub-standards of the simple life that most enjoy; rather I'd sit inside in the dark and complain to a non-existent audience on the internet.  Having said all that, lets get started on this journey from breaking away from the "9 to 5" most American's call a career, or as I call, the prison of society and embark into the wonderful/terrible world that is technology!

This blog is a piece of satire and nothing should be taken seriously.  My comments and opinions represent nothing but uselessness and negativity and none of this really should taken as fact or for that matter, be read by anyone.